Thursday, July 31, 2008

July's "Spoiler"

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer and this colourway! Have you started a project with it yet? Don't forget to post right here on the blog too if you want to! I know we all love Ravelry but it's also nice to see the blog filled out with member posts too. Don't be shy :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

July's "Teaser"

We're on track for this month's yarn to mail tomorrow and here's a little glimpse into the colourway! To give you further insight into the colours, I named this particular colourway "Honey Wheat". Why? Because it seems like that's all I see here in Ontario at the moment - farmers out gathering their wheat! I couldn't resist. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also a quick note about my dyeing for the new members. I use a particular technique when creating semi-solids which means there will be some variation from skein to skein with how light/dark each one is and also with how much of a tone each skein will have. So once the teaser is revealed and you think your skein is darker or lighter, don't worry - that was meant to happen! It's a by-product of the dyeing technique I use. My goal is to create yarns within the same tones which works out quite well each month and as an added bonus, everyone also gets a unique skein!