Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October's "Teaser"

Here's this month's yarn in teaser format! I found a cool new feature to use which makes the colours look liquefied....pretty cool don't you think? This is definitely a nice girly colour that I hope everyone enjoys! I thought a nice pair of soft socks in this colour to wear to bed would be nice and would match maybe a pair of PJs! This yarn, with the cashmere in it, should be treated a little more softly than the regular wear sock yarns even with the nylon in it. I have visions of soft sockies to wear to bed for the upcoming cool weather! Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

September's "Spoiler"

Wow, it's almost time for October's colourway so I thought I better post the spoiler for September! How's everyone doing? Hope you're having a great Fall season so far! I know I quite prefer this season just because it's much cooler for me when I'm dyeing the yarn and it's also turning to a season of colours that I just love! Enjoy! This colourway is called Beaujolais :)