Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let's Talk About Colours

Now that people have started voting on the colours poll and there's 3 colours that currently aren't on the "chopping block", it got me to thinking...maybe the poll is a little too simplified.

For instance, when you say you don't like red - what does that mean? There are a lot of variations in red and to conclude that it's all ranges of the red family is a little too simplified for me to do - am I to assume you hate brick red and fire engine red the same? Some of the colours are "no-brainers" like black and brown - not too many variations in those two colours but for the other colours like yellow, orange, red, pink, burgundy - is it all ranges of these colours that people don't like? If we end up with 3 colours by the deadline that'll make it simple for me but I just wanted some feedback on your choices...can you elaborate for me in the comments?

To be honest, I was surprised to see some of the colours chosen - like red or burgundy or even pink - I thought those colours were well-liked...but maybe it's just certain versions of these colours you don't like.

Would love to hear from you!


PenCraft said...

Just about any color can be beautiful to somebody :) I'm sure some of us will love what you do and some of us may not like one color as much as another. That's life and part of the fun of the club--exposure to things that you might not ordinarily choose. I look at my yarn stash and there are some colors over represented and some missing entirely. That said, I think the issue has as much to do with value as it does color. For example, cherry red vs. pink. For myself, I can live with some pink tones; but, cherry red overwhelms me. And aren't these really different values of the same color . . .

Roxanne said...

Hmmmm, that raises an interesting point! Maybe people are afraid of certain colours and I know for myself, I gravitate to certain ones too and like you say, my stash is overflowing with certain types too. And you're right, pink/red is just different values of the same colour. Interesting! Thank you.

Kellie said...

I agree with the first comment too Roxanne. Part of the fun of sock clubs is being challenged to use colours that you might not have chosen for yourself. I chose sock clubs because I trust the dyer to create things that I will love even if at first I love the yarn base before I love the colour! your colour sense will ensure that no matter what the colourway it will create a beautiful sock with loads of depth. Plus I was very sad to see that Orange was on the chopping block, lol, I love orange!

Sarah said...

Hmmm, when I picture certain colors and those shades I like or dislike, They are definitely the same color. Yellow to brown is very different from yellow to orange, but they are both yellow. If the ranges are covering both bright and earthy I think pretty much anything is fine with me.

This is going to turn out to be really interesting! And I am sure I'll love the yarns no matter what in the end when they are socks!

Jennifer said...

I had a difficult time ruling out any colours. All my years of knitting has taught me that as soon as I say I dislike a colour, I am proven wrong by seeing a skein done up stunningly. I was one who chose yellow, orange, and black. In all fairness, as autumn colours go, they are splendid. I was trying to think of semi-solid colours and had visions of bright lemony yellow, close to neon or construction zone orange, and actually I love blacks, but was thinking of it more as a jet black where a design is more difficult to see. If I had voted merely on "regular" colours, I would not have ruled any out.

Long story short, I have seen your work and adore it. You are the dyer and you have the colours before you and know what looks good. I will be happy regardless.

If for some reason it is not necessarily a colour I thought I would like, I can always gift it. :)

I do not think you will find a happy medium for all. The colours you mentioned (I have not looked at the poll recently) such as pinks, browns, reds, and burgundy...those are some of my favorites. And browns, IMO can range from rich chocolate brown to more rust coloured. I think brown is an under-rated colour. Besides, brown is the new black, tres chic. ;)

nicomara said...

you know i have to agree with everyone else... that there is nothing of yours i have seen that i disliked.

i must also say that, for me, color really depends on mood. sometimes i like softer (mauve, sage, blue grey) colors, others i like really bright and vivid colors (slap-you-in-the-face magenta), etc etc.

i do agree that part of the fun will be not knowing what's coming. sometimes you have a pattern you don't know what yarn to use for it and you see a yarn and say 'that's perfect' and other times you see a yarn and know exactly what you want to do with it.

from all the yarns i've seen in your shop, i'll probably have to convince myself to knit with it and not just stare at how beautiful it is. :)