Monday, March 17, 2008

March's "Teaser"

Ahhhhhhh, needs to get here soon! I couldn't resist doing something entirely different for the month of March - Spring is around the corner and it was time for a bit of a cheery colourway! I hope everyone enjoys this colour! I had to do a last minute sub on the yarn so this month is a surprise blend! My yarn supplier was late with my order by 3-4 weeks so I had to improvise so everyone didn't have to wait :) It's a lovely blend and it is just as cheery as the colourway this month. Enjoy everyone!

And a thread was started on Rav about yarn bleeding - just a quick note here as well - some colours have a tendency to run (blue and red being the two worst offenders) so if you see a bit of colour in the water when you're either blocking or washing, don't worry - it's excess dye coming out and your colours will be just fine. When I dye semi-solids there tends to be a lot of mixing of colours so blue and red can show up often :) With any brand spanking new yarn, it's just inevitable that some colour will come out - I have heat treated the yarns for 30-45 minutes so don't worry, colour will not bleed right out of your yarns. If you want to help the colourfastness last longer then I suggest a bit of vinegar in your wash and if you really want to be doubly sure, make your socks damp in a solution of a bit of vinegar and water and put your socks into the microwave on high for about 1-2 minutes. Remove them and let them cool off. Make sure they are damp so they don't get crispy :) This just doubles up on the heat setting treatment I've already applied to the yarns. Hope that helps for anyone who was wondering about this tendency for handpainted yarns.

Happy Spring everyone!


Crafty Pancakes said...

I love the teaser. Can't wait to see it show up in the mailbox! I can always count on something fantastic from you!

peachy said...

getting the shipping notice in the mail this morning was great, but the teaser pic here totally made me jump up and down - I soo have a thing for bright orange and yellow/red yarn at the moment, can't wait for it to arrive here! bet that will be this very week, judging from the last few shipments :)

RoxanneZYG said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys approve - anything near "orange" can be tricky to pull off - I get the most "ewwwwwws" on that colour but it's beautiful for Spring! :)

Pensguys said...

I received a smallish package yesterday and was so excited because I thought it was this yarn. It wasn't :( but it WAS yarn..just not THIS yarn. Hopefully tomorrow! (monday)