Thursday, April 10, 2008

April's "Teaser"

Wow, it seems early to post this but as you know, I'm away next week so we're a bit early this month! I had no particular reason to dye the colourway this month other than I've been dieing to dye (LOL) a blend of these colours so I decided to kick off April with it! I hope everyone enjoys! The majority of you will receive my Squooshy Merino/Nylon blend yarn but a handful are getting my brand new Gemilicious Fingering (Louet Gems) base yarn as I had more join at the last minute than I expected! The colourway is the same on all yarns....Louet Gems is wonderful as a base yarn too...enjoy for those that do receive it this month! It's one I will be using again for another month :)

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