Monday, March 16, 2009

March's "Teaser" & Registrations Open!

This month's colourway is definitely inspired by Spring! It's a softer version of this colour and I hope everyone likes it. This colour is always hard to do as people either love it or hate it - there doesn't seem to be any in between with it...LOL  However, if you don't like socks with it, how about booties or a baby knit or something else entirely? Enjoy and Happy Spring!

Registrations are now open for another 3 and 6 month option beginning with April's shipment. If you are currently a member and are unsure if your term is expiring or not, please don't hesitate to email me to ask. Thank you everyone for your continuing support! Deadline to register is April 8, 2009 for April 15's shipment.

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