Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November's Midnight Rose Spoiler

It looks like a good majority of you have your sock yarns already for November! I'm mighty impressed with the postal service this month - I surely hope this will keep up but maybe it's the approaching holiday season and the post office working overtime already?! It'll be nice if packages continue to move this quickly in the New Year too :)

Don't click the photo unless you want to see the yarn all big and in its glory :) I had a great time dyeing this one for everyone - it was an experiment in layered colouring. I can't wait to see some of your knitted items!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA! Me and DH are going to venture over the border this weekend and see what the sales are like - we figure we might get into some stores...maybe...if "Black Friday" is anything like our Boxing Day sales here in Canada after Christmas, we won't hold our breath...LOL

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Eva said...

Have fun spending your "strong" dollars on Friday! I have another Canadian friend who's doing the same thing.